What’s Sarah reading and writing?

While our work often manifests in the creation of digital spaces and technology-supported learning experiences, digital pedagogy is a scholarly endeavor. Borrowing an idea from Cassie Brownell (@brownellcassie on Twitter), I put two clear folders on the window outside my office door, one titled What’s Sarah Reading? and the other, What’s Sarah Writing? Text on the folders invites passers-by to help themselves to copies of what I’m reading and writing that supports my thinking around digital pedagogy.

Then I thought to myself, wouldn’t it make sense to share this online, too?  🙂


What’s Sarah reading?

Where’s the Teacher? Defining the Role of Instructor Presence in Social Presence and Cognition in Online Learning by Cathy Barnes


What’s Sarah writing?

Reflection in Action: Using Inquiry Groups to Explore Critical Digital Literacy with Pre-service Teachers