Core values for Open Pedagogy

As part of our Digital Pedagogy Lab track, Critical Open Pedagogy, Rajiv asked us to articulate our core values for Open Pedagogy. I came into this track without a defined sense of what Open Pedagogy entailed, and so this list represents the intersection of my developing understanding of OP, and the overarching values that I bring to teaching and the design of learning environments in general. These values are influenced by sociocultural learning theory, inclusive design, and an ethic of care.

Without further ado, and with the caveat that these are initial and evolving:

Connected – drawing specifically on the connected learning framework (Ito et al., 2015) to describe the ways in which Open Pedagogy can be used to bridge students’ learning across their learning ecosystem

Transparent – I think that for students to claim their agency in educational contexts, teachers and learner designers need to be detailed, specific, and forthcoming about the expectations, assumptions, and risks built into the learning.

Supportive/Care – not throwing students into OER and OP, but helping them to understand and make decisions about what it means to work in the open

Flexible/multiple pathways – designing learning in a way that offers options for students to learn (and do OER) in ways that make sense for them

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